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Oh my, where DO I start - this is all COMPLETELY ADDICTIVE
I was warned by numerous people, 
I didn't believe them - and look what's happened!

ALSTON HALL has SO much to answer for...........

It was where I began my love affair with both Chinese Painting & Fused Glass - Encaustic Art had another 'birth' but was then doused in a goodly amount of Alston Hall magic!!

With no previous training - other than a 'C' at 'A' level back in the 1970s - I didn't set out to do ANY of these crafts to any great extent.............and I certainly didn't expect to end up SELLING the fruits of my endeavours!

As I've outlined the road to each of my addictions on the appropriate pages, I just wanted to give a very brief overview here

I've always loved 'dabbling' in different crafts - knitting, beading, enamelling, card making, pyrography etc but only ever 'in class' or to produce 'specific' items/presents
None ever grabbed my usually short attention span sufficiently to take things further

Although fused glass jewellery now forms the largest part of my work, my journey to addiction really began in 2010/11 with a 3-day course in Chinese Brush Painting and then, about a year later, an introduction to Encaustic Art.  It was only in 2013 that fused glass came into my life 

Although they might appear completely different - and, indeed, the end products have little in common -  each has an innate freedom in which they can be painted/made 
- with the exception of the Meticulous Style of Chinese Painting - you can't really predict the end results...............they're just beautiful surprises!!

I hope you enjoy your little trip around my website


Sue xx

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