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Another Alston Hall course was responsible for my introduction to Chinese Painting   

I'd booked the course because I'd heard it was relaxing  - it was.........and I was hooked!

There are basically 2 types of  Chinese Painting -
Brush & ink/watercolour and Gong-bi or meticulous

I tried the brush & ink 1st........such freedom of expression - even when just painting bamboo over & over again!!  It's painted with such freedom - and with NO DRAWING involved - that  decided to rename it 'splish-splash-splosh' - you simply load the brush and go for it.   

With our Chinese tutor telling us all 'there are no mistakes' - even though the results were mixed - we ALL thoroughly enjoyed the course

After the course, I knew I'd like to do some more and so I joined the Chinese Brush Painters' Society (CBPS) in Yorkshire - and join them occasionally to learn from the expert visiting tutors & enjoy the company of others 

During these courses, I was introduced to the 2nd style - Gong-bi

As this entails very detailed work with extremely fine brushes 
and I had originally thought I'd hate it 
-  after all, it's the antithesis of the freestyle brush & ink method 

I couldn't have been more wrong!!   
I found it completely absorbing and simply LOVE the results

As the classes are a good 2 hour drive away, I've not been able to go to all of them - 
but they're promoted well in advance & I've been lucky enough to book onto some of them

I've produced quite a lot of paintings - some better than others (!) 
Whilst I don't yet want to part from the originals, I've reduced the size of the pictures 
and made simple blank cards/notelets

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