Welcome to SUE'S FUSE

Hi - I am a 50-something home-based hobbyist, who has dabbled in many crafts over the years to now find that I've become a bit (LOL) addicted to FUSED GLASS JEWELLERY, ENCAUSTIC ART & CHINESE PAINTING 

Please note:  I am not posing as an 'expert' in any of these 3 crafts and, as much is published elsewhere on the web - by people FAR more knowledgeable than I'll ever be - please 'google' for more detailed information 

In trying to keep the website as user-friendly as possible, there's a page for each of these hobbies, and a 'for sale' page - just in case anything takes your fancy!

I am also very happy to attend 

If you have anything in the pipeline and would like to 'book' me, please email me via enquiries@suesfuse.co.uk

ENJOY BROWSING.............................                                                    

Sue xx


If you have any feedback on how I can make the website better please let me know
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